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The split type DC air conditioner is a kind of small air conditioning system used to control the temperature of the base station. Its compressor has multistage speed regulation function, ensuring small temperature fluctuation within the base station, low frequency and excellent energy saving effect. The equipment is composed of indoor unit, outdoor unit and control box. The indoor unit and control box is required to be installed inside the base station. The outdoor unit is installed outdoors. The indoor unit and the outdoor unit are connected with the connecting pipe.



● Reliable: The unit is powered by -48VDC power, regardless of the unstable AC power grid

● Energy efficiency: Efficient DC fan & Compressor, high EER

● Low noise: Silently operating system available

● Corrosion protection: Powder coated sheetmetal endures harsh environment

● User friendly interface: LCD display with English menu makes convenient operation

● Environment friendly: Using R134a refrigerant and RoHS requirement compliance

● Dedicated design: Delay Start setting in case of big current, especially when multiple units start at one site

● Monitoring: Provide comprehensive alarm and status report through RS485 interface for remote control


Parameter                                                                             Model DC40

 Indoor Unit


Outdoor Unit

Dimensions, Weight & Mount  
External Dimensions (H x W x D)  mm  295x900x215 700x870x310
External Dimensions (H x W x D) With Flange mm  \
Weight kg 13 50
Mounting Method    Wall mounted Wall/Floor mounted
Application    Indoor Outdoor
Environmental Protection & Performance  
Working Temperature Range  ºC -15 ~ +55
Noise Level dB(A) 50 55
IP Protection Level   \ IPX4
Refrigerant    R134a
RoHS2 Compliant    Yes
Cooling/Heating Capacity   
Cooling Capacity@L35/L35   W 4330
Heating Capacity (Optional)  W \
Power Consumption  
Power Consumption@L35/L35  W 1042
Current@L35/L35   A 21.7
Internal Airflow  m3/h 1100 \
Power Supply  
Power Supply Range VDC -44~-58
Rated operating voltage – Controller VDC -48
Rated operating voltage – Cooling/Heating System  VDC -48

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